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High Pressure Rubber Asbestos Sheet Customization

Jun. 25, 2021

First of all, to distinguish from the type, the rubber sheet can be divided into five types. The more common ones are food, cloth, and rubber sheets used in the industrial field. For food rubber sheets, they are not safe, that is, they don’t smell like rubber, and they feel very elastic. There is pollution. And those rubber sheets in the industrial field are made of stainless steel. Therefore, its pull-up feature is particularly remarkable, and it will not deform in actual use, so it has a wide range of applications. The fourth type is butyl rubber sheet which is known for its acid resistance.

High Pressure Rubber Asbestos Sheet Customization

This kind of thermal insulation asbestos board has unparalleled advantages of other similar boards. It has very low thermal conductivity, and has good thermal insulation and heat insulation performance; with its very low water absorption, it has excellent waterproof , Moisture resistance; also known as high-pressure asbestos board for its high compressive strength, and has greater load-bearing performance; with its light material and simple construction, it is especially suitable for large-scale modern construction of high-rise buildings and large-scale projects.

Thermal insulation of exterior walls, inverted roof insulation, and floor radiation heating of construction projects can effectively reduce the load of high-rise buildings; thermal insulation of water conservancy projects, such as reservoirs, channels, dams, etc., can prevent foundations from thawing and cracking; Asbestos board can also be used for heat insulation and antifreeze treatment of highways, railways, and tunnels in high-cold areas to prevent damage to the foundation by thawing. The main raw materials of this product are short-fiber asbestos and latex below grade 5, which are made through processes such as pulping, extraction, and vulcanization, and are used to make cylinder head gaskets for various internal combustion engines. The cylinder head gasket produced with this product has the advantages of good sealing performance, high temperature resistance, high pressure, not easy to damage, and long service life. The current cylinder gaskets of internal combustion engines are all made of asbestos copy board as the main material.

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