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Asbestos Sheet

What is an asbestos gasket?

Asbestos gaskets are made of asbestos, rubber, and heat-resistant filling materials by rolling. They are mainly used as sealing materials for pipeline flanges, high-pressure vessel flanges, internal combustion engines and various contact surfaces.

What are the classifications and uses of asbestos gaskets?

1. According to the asbestos content, it is divided into asbestos rubber gasket, non-asbestos rubber gasket

2. According to the performance of the plate, it is divided into the low-pressure gasket, medium pressure gasket, high-pressure gasket

3. According to the purpose of the sheet, it is divided into ordinary asbestos rubber gasket, wire mesh reinforced asbestos rubber gasket, oil-resistant asbestos rubber gasket, and acid-resistant asbestos rubber gasket.

Ordinary gasket plates are suitable for sealing of general plumbing equipment, low, medium and high-pressure water pipes and steam pipes.

Reinforced asbestos rubber gaskets are suitable for sealing water, steam and other media.

An oil-resistant asbestos rubber sheet is suitable for the flange joints of oil refining equipment and distillation pipelines, and the sealing gaskets at the joints of automobile diesel engines and oil pipelines.

Acid-resistant asbestos rubber gaskets are suitable for sealing gaskets in acid media.

What is the difference between gaskets and seals?

1. The gasket refers to the part that is cushioned between the connected part and the nut; the seal is an annular cover composed of one or several parts, which is fixed on a ring or washer of the bearing and contacts another ring or washer Or the formation of a narrow labyrinth gap is generally a flat metal ring.

2. The washer is used to protect the surface of the connected part from being scratched by the nut and disperse the pressure of the nut on the connected part. The sealing ring prevents the leakage of lubricating oil and the intrusion of foreign objects.

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