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How to Distinguish The Quality of Fiberglass Cloth?

Jan. 15, 2021

Glass fiber cloth is based on glass fiber woven fabric, and is coated with polymer anti-emulsion. It is widely used in wall reinforcement materials, reinforced cement products, reinforced plastics, rubber products, etc. Many friends are using it Fiberglass cloth, but how to distinguish good from bad? Today, the Fiberglass Factory will share with you how to distinguish between good and bad fiberglass cloth.

Glass Fiber Cloth

Glass Fiber Cloth

Method 1: Observe the glass fiber cloth on the surface to judge the quality. Good quality glass fiber cloth has a clean surface, uniform warp and weft lines, good toughness, and even mesh. The glass fiber cloth with poor quality has uneven mesh and poor toughness.

Method 2: The chemical stability is relatively good, the quality of the Glass Fiber Cloth is relatively stable, the chemical properties are relatively stable, alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, cement erosion resistance, and other chemical corrosion resistance, and the use of safety is relatively high.

Method 3: Judge the quality of fiberglass cloth by color. The color of fiberglass cloth with better quality is shiny and more uniform, while fiberglass cloth with poor quality is not only scratchy when touched, but the color is darker. turbid.

Method 4: Judge the quality of the glass fiber cloth by stretching the glass fiber cloth. A good glass fiber cloth is not easy to deform and can be restored by stretching, while a poor quality glass fiber cloth is stretched, and its deformation will be difficult to restore to its original shape, affecting normal use.

I have introduced several methods, have you learned it now? If you have any needs, please feel free to contact the Glass Fiber Cloth Supplier

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