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Fiberglass Cloth

Fiberglass Cloth is weave by filament fiberglass texturized fiber. It has better insulating properties and greater fullness. 

Product Details

What is fiberglass cloth? And its purpose?

Fiberglass checkered cloth is a non-twisted roving plain weave fabric, which is an important substrate for hand-laid fiberglass. The strength of fiberglass cloth is mainly in the warp and weft direction of the fabric. For occasions that require high warp or weft strength, it can also be woven into unidirectional cloth. It can arrange more untwisted rovings in the warp or weft direction. Warp cloth, single weft cloth.

Glass fiber cloth is mostly used in hand lay-up process. Glass fiber reinforced material grid cloth is mainly used in ship hulls, storage tanks, cooling towers, ships, vehicles, tanks, and building structural materials. Glass fiber cloth is mainly used in industry: heat insulation, fire prevention and flame retardant. The material absorbs a lot of heat when it is burned by a flame and can prevent the flame from passing through and isolate the air.

Fiber glass cloth is weave by filament fiberglass texturized fiber. It has better insulating properties and greater fullness.

The insulating properties depend upon conductivity and radiation and these are influenced by the fabric construction. It the ideal substitute for the asbestos cloth.

Is glass fiber cloth harmful to the human body?

Most of the glass fiber cloth material is silica, which is not harmful to the human body. However, it cannot be decomposed in the human body. It is no problem to rinse thoroughly after wiping the pot, otherwise, the silica residue will easily get appendix after entering the human body.

Precautions for using glass fiber

1. Conventional glass fiber monofilaments with a diameter of 9-13 microns or more, and glass fiber floats below 6 microns can directly enter the lung tube and cause respiratory tract consequences. Therefore, special attention should be paid to usually imported below 6 microns. Wear professional masks during production operations. It may be inhaled into the lungs if exposed frequently.

2. If the body is stained with fiberglass cloth, it will cause allergies and itching if the skin is not good, but usually, it will not cause serious harm. If the skin is not good, it may cause small packets, which is an allergy phenomenon. Take some anti-allergic medicine. Enough.

3. If it is difficult to remove the clothes, pat it a few times in a windy place. After washing and drying, it is easier to remove it by patting with branches, etc., pat a few more times.

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Q: Are you factory, or only a trading company?

A: Factory and our factory is located in Wangtong town, Jing County, Hengshui, Hebei

Q: Could I get some samples, and how?

A: No problem, we provide free samples, and it is only needed for you to pay for the shipping charge, your courier account is also ok(such as DHL).

Q: Can you give me some discount?

A: Usually the discount depends on the quantity. However, we can discuss it.

Q: What's the payment terms?

A: Our normal practice: 30% deposit of total amount before production, and 70% balance payment before shipment. However, this is open for discussion.

Q: How can I get the quotation?

A: We usually quote within 24hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price please call us or tell us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry priority.

Q: What are your terms of delivery?

A: We accept EXW,FOB,CIF,etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost-effective for you.

Q: Can you do the further process?

A: Sure. We also can help our customers do further such as printing and punching.

Product Data Sheet

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Fiberglass   cloth
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Fiberglass   cloths
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