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What is the role of the gasket and how to choose it?

Jun. 06, 2020

Seals are widely used in the static sealing of the joint surfaces of pipes, pressure vessels and various shells. There are three types of gasket seals: non-metallic gaskets, non-metallic-metal combined gaskets and metal gaskets. Its commonly used materials are oak Glue, leather, asbestos, cork, PTFE, steel, iron, copper and stainless steel.

What is the role of the gasket and how to choose it?cid=3

There are three forms of gasket seal leakage: interface leakage, penetration leakage and destructive leakage. The former is the main form.

The selection principle of the gasket is that for less demanding occasions, it can be selected based on experience and replaced when it is not in the market. But for those strict requirements, such as explosive, highly toxic and flammable gases and highly corrosive liquid equipment, reaction tanks and pipeline systems, etc., the gasket should be selected according to working pressure, working temperature, environmental quality, etc.

The effect of flange surface roughness. The surface roughness of blue has a great influence on the sealing effect, especially when non-soft gaskets are used, the large value of the roughness of the sealing surface is the main reason for the leakage -. For example, the blade pattern of the flange face is a spiral line.When using a metal gasket, if the roughness value is large, the gasket cannot block the spiral groove formed by the blade pattern.Under the pressure, the medium will be Leak out along this groove. The requirements of the soft gasket on the flange surface are much lower, because it is easy to deform and can block the processing knife line, thus preventing leakage. For soft gaskets, the flange surface is too smooth but unfavorable.

Therefore, when selecting the gasket, as long as we fully consider the temperature, medium, flange surface and other factors, we can choose the most suitable gasket. And can achieve the best results.

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