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The difference between asbestos and non-asbestos sealing materials

Jun. 05, 2020

What is the difference between asbestos sealing materials and non-asbestos sealing materials?We may summarize it:

  1. Asbestos sealing materials are more resistant to high temperature than non-asbestos sealing materials. The main components of asbestos sealing materials are asbestos, fillers and rubber. Among them, the temperature resistance of asbestos and fillers is very high. The main components of most non-asbestos sealing materials are mineral fibers, organic fibers, fillers and rubber. Among them, the temperature resistance of organic fibers is generally At around 200, the highest temperature resistance of asbestos gaskets has reached about 1000.

The difference between asbestos and non-asbestos sealing materials

Asbestos sealing material

2. Asbestos sealing material has higher mechanical strength than non-asbestos sealing material.

(1) The surface of the asbestos fiber is attached with multivalent metal cations, which easily forms a strong interface with the negatively charged rubber on the surface, which improves the bonding strength of the rubber fiber, that is, the mechanical strength of the asbestos sealing material. The non-asbestos mineral fibers currently used are not as good as asbestos in direct affinity with the rubber matrix, so the bonding strength of rubber fibers is not as good as asbestos.

  (2) Asbestos fibers can be subdivided almost indefinitely, and the specific surface area is larger than that of non-asbestos mineral fibers, so the reinforcement effect is obvious.

  (3) The tensile strength of asbestos fiber is higher than that of non-asbestos fiber, so the reinforcing effect of asbestos fiber is obvious.

3. The non-asbestos sealing material is more compact than the asbestos sealing material. Because the asbestos-free sealing material has high filler content and different particle sizes, it can fully fill the micro gaps of the rubber fiber. For example, Bode Seal uses a high-precision material selection screen, and the precise screening of multiple raw materials is more uniform. In addition, the non-asbestos fiber does not have a tubular structure like the asbestos fiber, but a solid structure, so the compactness is better.

The difference between asbestos and non-asbestos sealing materials

non-asbestos sealing material 

4. As we all know, the seriousness of asbestos materials on human health has long been banned from the use of asbestos materials in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, and my country will gradually phase out asbestos sealing materials and replace them with non-asbestos sealing materials.

5. Asbestos-free sealing materials are environmentally friendly, and asbestos sealing materials are non-environmental friendly. Asbestos fibers contained in asbestos sealing materials are prone to silicosis in humans, and asbestos-free sealing materials do not contain asbestos fibers.

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