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Seven Characteristics Of Graphite Sheet

Jun. 28, 2021

There are seven characteristics of graphite sheets. Graphite metal composite board is composed of metal core board and flexible graphite coil. There are two types of punching type and bonding type. Various gaskets can be punched, such as: cylinder air cushion. Drainage .Water level gauge gasket, flange heat plate, valve middle way gasket changer, etc., is an ideal sealing material with a wide range of applications and strong sealing performance.

Seven Characteristics Of Graphite Sheet

  1. Good isotropy, and its characteristics have nothing to do with size, shape, and sampling direction;

  2, uniform structure, compactness, and strong oxidation resistance;

  3, excellent self-lubricating;

  4, good chemical resistance;

  5, higher thermal conductivity and thermal stability;

  6, sufficient mechanical strength and impact resistance;

  7. It is easy to machine and can be processed into products of various geometric shapes as required.

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