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Introduction to the classification and use of asbestos cloth

Jun. 23, 2020

Asbestos cloth is made of fine asbestos yarns interlaced with warp and weft.

Electrolytic asbestos cloth, because of its excellent fireproof performance, asbestos cloth is usually called "fireproof asbestos cloth" suitable for all kinds of thermal equipment and thermal system for thermal insulation, insulation materials or processed into other asbestos products materials.

Refractory and dust-free asbestos cloth is a good material for heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention and sealing. The loss of tension is low, the quality is consolidated, and the function is firm. Dust-free asbestos cloth is used not only to manufacture various heat-resistant, anti-corrosion, acid-resistant, alkali and other materials, but also to be used as chemical filter materials and diaphragm materials on electrolysis cells of electrolysis industry, as well as heat insulation of boilers, air bubbles and machine parts. Material, use it as a fire curtain in special occasions. To a large extent, dust-free asbestos fabrics can be interchanged with dusty fabrics. In the metallurgical plant, carburizing plant, chemical plant, electric power, shipbuilding and other industries, asbestos cloth, asbestos gloves, asbestos boots and other labor protection products are required to use asbestos cloth to prevent high temperature sparks and toxic liquids from harming people, and are deeply received by users Praise.

In addition to manufacturing various heat-resistant, anti-corrosive, acid-resistant, and alkali-resistant materials, dusty asbestos cloth can also be used as a chemical filter material and as a diaphragm material on electrolytic industry electrolytic cells, as well as for the insulation of steam boilers, air bags, and machine parts. Insulation material, it is used as a fire curtain in extraordinary places. The function is basically similar to the dust-free asbestos cloth, but the dust-asbestos cloth has significant advantages in area and relatively light in weight. The content and length of asbestos fiber in the process of manufacturing packing are the key to affecting the morality of packing. The dusty asbestos cloth does not contain stone powder, and other inorganic and inorganic fibers are added to the side. The cost is higher, but the quality intentions of the made packing are only qualified.

Aluminum foil asbestos cloth is a composite aluminum foil asbestos cloth composed of aluminum foil paper and asbestos cloth, which shows the effect of fire and heat insulation very well. Aluminum foil asbestos cloth can be divided into: dusty aluminum foil asbestos cloth and dust-free aluminum foil asbestos cloth.

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